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The Up and Coming Peloteros of 2018

The 2018 Major League Baseball season is officially underway. With the new year comes a new influx of talent on the field. Some of these players are unknown to major league fans while others are players who bided their time and are finally ready to have breako...
Boxer Mikey Garcia

Why You Need to Know Mikey Garcia

If you haven’t heard of Mikey Garcia, that's not entirely a surprise. Although a supremely talented fighter and the current lightweight champion, prior to 2016 he was away for a while.  The absence was the result of legal entanglements with former promoter Top...
NFL Scouting Combine

The Latino Trinity Headed to the NFL Scouting Combine

With Super Bowl LII officially in the books, the National Football League already begins to look at its 2018 season and it starts with the Scouting Combine. As we leave February we head into the Ides of March - sort of. You see, the NFL will begin its new seas...

Super Bowl Party Personalities

Super Bowl Sunday is almost here. On day game you’re probably either hosting or heading to a party. Super Bowl Sunday is considered by many a national holiday, and you know the holiday's well they bring out all sorts of folk. Here's a bit of a primer for the t...
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