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Devin Haney and Ryan Garcia have been dancing around each other for months. From trolling each other on social media, calling each other out in the press to schoolyard stare downs.   Well on April 20th at the Barclay’s Center in Brooklyn, New York they finally meet face to face in the ring. Former undisputed lightweight king Haney (31-0, 15 KO) will defend his WBC super lightweight title against Garcia (24-1, 20 KO), who will be in his first world title bout.

The two fighters descended upon New York City on Tuesday for their first stop in a nationwide press tour. Where the fighters, their camps and promoters had some choice words for one another.


Devin Haney on Garcia

“DAZN, they put the bounty up. On April 20th I’m capturing the bounty and we coming home with the victory inshallah.”

“He knows he don’t have the skills, he don’t have the IQ, he don’t have the heart,” Haney said. “We’ve seen him quit. We’ve seen you take a knee, and it won’t be no different. When it gets hot, you quit.”



Ryan Garcia on Haney

“When I first came into the game, I just wanted to make a bunch of money and then I did that. But now I want to go for the legacy, I wanna go for the belts and Devin’s in the way. I’m on my vengeance arc. I’m ready to get back in blood in everything so I’m coming straight for his neck. I promise you, I’m coming straight for you, it’s going to be ugly.”



Oscar De La Hoya, Chairman & CEO of Golden Boy

“This is the weight class to watch, this is the fight to watch, the best fighting the best. When I started Golden Boy, that was my vision to have the best fight the best and we’re here now today. I’m super excited because when you build a star you must fight in New York.”

If you guys didn’t know they fought 6 times already in the amateur and they’re three and three, so this one does count. This fight here is like they say – for all the marbles – this fight here is to see who the best fighter at 140-pound division.”



Bill Haney, Manager of Devin Haney Promotions

An assignment that Devin sent me to do was to approach the only human being that’s a Hall of Fame fighter and a Hall of Fame promoter and thats Oscar de la Hoya. I put the honest on him, I said listen when you were when you were Hall of Fame fighter you fought everybody so as a Hall of Fame promoter I put the honest on you that you are now going to make the fight between two guys in their prime just like you did.” 


Aside from trolling one another on social media, the two fighters share a past during their amateur days, having faced each other a total of six times, splitting the match ups with three wins a piece.  Yet, the amateur ranks are a whole different ballgame.  Amateur talent does not always translate in the professional ranks. 

Guess we will have to wait until April 20th to see.


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