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Words by Jessica Rodriguez

What can you say about Jenny from the Block? Jennifer Lopez, the Puerto Rican girl from the Bronx whose work and life has gone far beyond the 6 train, kept the hits coming hard in 2019. Let’s start with the fact that she produced and co-starred in Hustlers. The real life story of strippers turned criminal masterminds. Her work is being praised by fans and foes alike. So much so, the actress got her second Golden Globe nomination for her performance. Her first nod was 20 years ago for her now famous portrayal of Selena.  Not to be forgotten, Oscar buzz is strong too!

Then of course there’s the very public way Jennifer Lopez embraced turning 50 years old. “It’s such a beautiful time in women’s lives,” she said in an interview with GQ. “Artists, women especially, get so much better as they grow and mature.” To prove her point that she had she embarked on a global music tour. The “It’s My Party” tour to celebrate her decades long career with music, camp and plenty of party. The woman even kept performing in the middle of a blackout in New York City. Talk about dedication!

And because you can’t talk about J.Lo and not mention fashion. Lopez also walked in Donatella Versace’s fashion week show in an updated version of the most famous dress on the planet. Yes, the dress that literally broke the internet when she wore it two decades ago. In her personal life, it was awesome to see the self-professed romantic find love and family with former baseball legend Alex Rodriguez. Calling herself his “Forever Fly Girl,” the pair promised each other forever this summer.

But aside from her love with Rodriguez, it looks like she’s also happily in love with herself. “I always thought that I was going to find happiness and love and that another person was going to give that to me, and then I realized that’s not how it is at all,” Lopez said on a segment on The View. “You actually get to be happy all by yourself. If you can just kind of appreciate yourself and know your worth, your value, that you can be a happy person.”

Whether it’s acting, making music, being a fashion goddess, running several businesses, or raising a family. Lopez has–and continues–to do it all. Next up? Headlining the 2020 Super Bowl Halftime show with Shakira. You know, just the biggest show during the country’s most watched sporting event. And after that? Lopez will dive into whatever she chooses to pursue. Because the woman has hustle and heart to spare. She also proves that age is quite literally just a number and that midlife means, more life is yet to come.