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head and shoulders shot of young shirtless man over dark background. He is applying a cream on his face.

Face It Like A Man…A Guide to Summer Skin Care

C’mon, admit it, despite that nonchalant attitude about so-called skincare stuff, you really do care about grooming, looking and smelling good. A report issued by Univision revealed that 34% of you actually shower twice a day (more than twice as much as non-La...
Man in red swimtrunks

A Guide to Recognizing Your Swim Trunks

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7IOSs_77eNU The sun is letting off more heat with each passing day, and soon, your salvation from the volatile rays will be waiting for you in neck-deep waters. You have to be prepared. Water parks, beaches, pools, and oth...
Style Staples

Summer Style Staples Every Man Should Own

Summer is in full effect. That often means a revamp of your wardrobe. The heavy wool suits, sweaters and coats, need to give way to some lighter and looser materials to beat the heat. Whatever your style you need to make sure your wardrobe has solid foundation...
Portrait of handsome young man with tattoos posing. Isolated on black.

Think Before You Ink – A Tattoo Primer

In the past few decades, tattoos have gone from taboo to mainstream. People from all walks of life have caught the ink addiction and are rushing to tattoo artists for their fix. A large percentage of tattoos are impulse buys. Maybe you’re on vacay and you happ...

Prende La Hookah

While most men prefer a cigar, a vicio of a different stripe has entered social smoking circles in the last decade. ‘LLEROs, meet the hookah. What Is It While you may have seen it imitated in videos and there’s even a merengue song about it, “Prende la...
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Nothing brings back memories of childhood more than a good old-fashioned video game. And this year’s E3 Electronics Expo delivered heaping layers of button-mashing nostalgia, with classic characters like Zelda, R2D2 and Spider-Man swinging back onto consoles. ...
Hispanic father and daughter

Modern-Day Latino Fatherhood

“Sweetie...what do you want for breakfast? Pancakes or a hardboiled egg?” “I want cereal!” “Pancakes it is...come down it’s ready...” That’s a typical exchange between my 6-year-old daughter and me on a Saturday morning. It exemplifies my role as a father...
master grill 2

Raise Your Grill Skills

Temperatures and hemlines are rising which can only mean one thing...it’s barbecue season. But any grill master worth his “Kiss the Cook” apron knows that your barbecue is only as good as your tools. Before you break out the grill, check out ‘LLERO’s essential...