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Dating & Relationships – His Side

Signs That Your Girl Is Stepping Out On You

One of the first things you may hear from a man whose found out he’s unknowingly been wearing the horns of a cuckold (i.e. he was cheated on) is the claim that he didn’t see any signs, red flags aka he had ...

6 Pre-Date Rituals

You wooed her, got the digits, exchanged some flirty texts and finally scored that date. Don’t blow it now -- make sure you’re prepped for that job interview, umm, we mean date. Here are a few pre-date rituals ...

The Man Code

The Man Code is simply a collection of unspoken, yet widely known, regulations that govern the behavior of men. It applies to every person that self identifies as a man. There are no exceptions (i.e. “definitiv...

5 Things To Know Before Dating Dominican Women

When it comes to dating and relationships most men have the same overall complaint, “I just don’t get women.” Well if you don’t get the average woman then prepare for the Rubik’s Cube that is la dominicana. Sho...
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