September 26, 2022

Career Tips


How to Handle Religion in the Workplace

As the population of the planet increases, we are experiencing more and more diversity in countries all over the world. However, as is clearly evident in the culture wars fostered by today's politicians, th...

Refinancing Student Loans: 5 Secrets

The Biden Administration may have thrown students a life line by deferring student loan payments until May 1st. But as Washington D.C. plays the "will they" or  "won't they" game on cancellation of stu...

A Guide To Becoming a SFX Makeup Artist

By Charles Watley, If you think getting a job in the special effects (sfx) industry is a pipe dream, think again. Just look at Lucasfilm's Industrial Light & Magic. They recently...

How to Turn Your Passion into a Viable Career

Passion and ambition long lost in youth. This is the cliched story of almost every other person we meet. A head full of dreams is bound to settle for a job that likely serves no purpose but financial securi...
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