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Career Tips


5 Tips for Making Your First Keynote Speech

Okay, maybe this is not your first speech, but this is the first time you are the headliner and you are a bit nervous. Well, you should be nervous. The organizers of the event are promoting you as a subject ...

How to Work With A Female Boss

While we don’t know if Hillary will succeed in becoming the biggest boss out there, some of us already live with the reality of having a female boss. Whether you like her or not, she has the power to advance ...

Professional Ghosting

We live in a world where many of us hide behind screens, anonymous comments, e-mails and pictures of ourselves and our social circles. One of the scariest things to come out of the digital age is that is has ma...

How to Answer Dumb Job Interview Questions

By now I think you know that my focus is to work with professionals who want to accelerate their careers, but don’t know how. I do this because people in our community could use the extra boost on how to stand ...
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