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Career Tips

Business Idea

How Far Should You Go With A Great Idea?

When you have that eureka moment, that grand idea you just know should be developed and disseminated, how do you continue? How are you supposed to make good on it? How can you turn something vague and half-note...

Is Now The Time For A Career Change?

Is now the time for a career change? Is this something that you have been mulling over for some time? Perhaps you have chatted to friends about it, perhaps you have put a few feelers out that you are ready for ...
Dealing With Job Loss

Financial Survival Post-Job Loss

Losing your job can be devastating, particularly if it was unforeseen or unexpected. Although companies are sometimes permitted to lay people off without notice, this doesn’t provide you with any solace follow...
Bouncing Back from Job Loss (Fat Joe)

The Right Way To Bounce Back From Job Loss

Losing a job is hard because it’s not just about losing your source of income. You’re going to have a lot of money worries if you’re not earning, but it can also feel like you’ve lost your sense of identity and...
Digital Nomad

Should You Become A Digital Nomad?

The media likes to hype the idea of becoming a digital nomad. It’s a glamorous way to live your life, traveling the world, funding it all from your laptop. But the day to day reality of a genuine nomad is proba...
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