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Gent’s if you have significant other, partner, boo, there will be times when the things you do annoy them , eventually, perhaps even cause them stress. Then there will be times when they’re stressed because of something else entirely and it has nothing to do with you at all. In either case, because you’ll want to help as much as possible, it’s great to know what you can do to ease their stress and make them feel happier. Read on for some useful information to help you work out what’s wrong and then put things right. 


Sometimes the best way to ease the stress is to listen to their problem or problems. You don’t have to actually fix the problem, you just have to listen and allow your partner to get their feelings out into the open. The problem is that when people hold their thoughts and feelings in, it can cause more stress, anxiety, and even depression, and they’ll feel even worse as a result.

The key is to notice when your partner needs to talk. That’s going to be different for each person. They might get very quiet, they might become irritable, perhaps they’ll shut themselves away in their bedroom for a while, and so on. Knowing your partner well and looking out for these signs so you can ask them if they want to talk. Then be there to listen if they do is a great way to begin.


Take Some Of The Load Off

There will be all kinds of reasons why your partner might be feeling stressed. In some cases, there’s really nothing you can do apart from listen (as we mentioned above). Potentially offer some advice if you think it’s warranted.

However, in some situations, there will be something you can do. By taking some of the load away from your partner, you can help them ease their stress. Either by making the situation easier or better, or by giving them a chance to unwind and relax. If there’s something you can do, such as fix your lawn equipment so you can tidy the outside of your home, stop a tap from leaking, do the laundry, take the kids out so your partner can have a break. Or anything else (the list is pretty much endless), then do it, and you’ll be helping massively.


Encourage Self-Care

We briefly mentioned above about giving your partner a chance to unwind and relax. This is actually a really good point. Because it is something that can certainly help them ease stress. In fact, encouraging them to do some self-care (especially if they’re worried it’s going to seem selfish) is an easy thing to do that. 

Whether it’s taking a bubble bath. Perhaps going for a nature walk, practicing yoga, or having some time to enjoy a favorite hobby, reminding them that they need to take time for themselves and doing what’s needed to let them have that time is a wonderful thing to do that will help them ease their stress more easily.

While this isn’t an exhaustive list, its a quick and easy way to show up for your partner. It can also make a positive difference in their lives and, by extension, in your life too!

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