Love the film or hate it, one of the biggest storylines of the Fantastic Four reboot has been Michael B. Jordan taking on the mantle of Johnny Storm aka The Human Torch. Not only has this casting raised eyebrows, but coupled with the fact that Kate Mara was cast as Susan Storm, sister to Johnny, well needless to say the press has had a field day. Yet, comics have always been a reflection of the times. So diversity in the world of comics should not come as a shocker. In fact, Latino superheroes within the pages of Marvel Comics isn’t a new thing. Throughout the decades, Marvel has introduced some of the most dynamic Latino characters to ever grace comic books. With over 100 characters to choose from Marvel’s archives, ‘LLERO took on the task of choosing the twelve (because 10 is so cliché) Latino Marvel characters that have made the most waves in the past as well as those that continue to kick bad guy culo in some of the current storylines.

Iron Man
Real Name: Antonio Stark
Universe: Earth-1610 (Ultimate Universe)
First Appearance: Ultimate Marvel Team-Up (July, 2001)

That’s right! The Ultimate Universe’s version of one of America’s favorite comic book heroes is half Latino. Born to Howard Stark and his second wife, Maria Stark-Cerrera, Antonio “Tony” Stark nearly died along with his mother during childbirth were it not for his father’s newly invented biological armor which saved Tony’s life. This origin story, however, is no longer considered canon (officially part of the storyline), though—however, in the ongoing storylines, his name continues to be Antonio “Tony” Stark.

Antonio Stark (armor)

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