Should You Buy Or Rent Your Golf Car?

Summer is on the horizon. Which for some means more time on the greens. If you’ve been getting much more into your golfing, spending a lot more time on the green, then a lot of your time is going to be spen...

4 Asics Running Shoes to Keep You Moving

The coronavirus has caused a global pandemic forcing the government to issue executive orders for us to stay home, practice social distancing and avoid all group activities. This also means no more classes ...
rugby gear

7 Items Needed To Play Rugby

While baseball and soccer are sports most Latino men gravitate towards. It's always beneficial to explore other forms of fitness. If rugby is a sport that interests you it is vital you purchase the right clothi...

adidas Soccer Drops All New Nemeziz 19

Today adidas Soccer drops the new NEMEZIZ 19. This next level soccer boot comes with a host of enhanced innovations, crazy cool look and what adidas calls “revolutionized 360-degree agility and perfomance for ...

Resistance Bands

Resistance Bands. Originally for use in nursing homes and rehab centers to train older adults. Due to portability and ability to effectively mimic resistance training load. But it’s not just grandma and gra...

Do Magnetic Bracelets Work?

You have seen them on athletes like Dustin Pedroia and Curtis Granderson during their pro-sporting events. If you look around you may even see them on people that you know. I am talking about magnetic bracelets...
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