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Apple iPhone 11 Pro

Apple Unveils iPhone 11 Pro

It's that time of year again. Every September Apple unveils its latest offerings. This year Apple dropped updates on Apple Arcade, a new iPad and watch, and iPhone 11 series. The latter  includes the iPhone 11,...

A Few Reasons To Love Playing Video Games

Despite the naysayers, video games will not rot our brains, they won't turn us into raving monsters (well, not all of us anyway), and they aren't a waste of time. For many of us, video games are a passion, whe...

Mobile Apps Every Latino Man Needs to Have

Getting lost in an online app store is both fun and overwhelming. You can grab games, music, photo filters and, of course, those swipe-friendly “friend” connectors all for an easy price of 99 cents. But are you...

The Must See Moment of E3

Nothing brings back memories of childhood more than a good old-fashioned video game. And this year’s E3 Electronics Expo delivered heaping layers of button-mashing nostalgia, with classic characters like Zelda,...

Electronic Arts Summer Showcase

The boys at Electronic Arts are at it again. They’ve devved up the 2015 versions of their sports titles and have hit the road to give folks like us a chance to play and preview their latest before they hit the ...
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