February 25, 2024



What Every Man Should Know About Champagne

Gents, there’s more to Champagne than just popping bottles. New Year’s Eve is creeping up on us; this means your going to be springing for a bottle or two. Before you empty out your wallet for a quality bottle ...

DIY Home Bar

The idea of setting up a home bar and making cocktails may sound as daunting as trying to cut your own hair or perhaps as foolish as being your own attorney. But trust us, when it comes to DIY pursuits, being a...

What’s Your Drinking Personality?

Bartenders (who are basically modern-day psychologists) can tell a lot about a person by what they order. We wondered what this meant for Latino bebidas and the men who drank them. ‘LLERO did some digging to fi...

DIY Michelada

If beer has begun to bore your taste buds, reach for a michelada the next time you’re out. This spicy, beer cocktail is turning into the hottest drink out of Mexico since the margarita. The michelada, is an icy...

Flaco Coquito

Creamy, sweet and quite honestly liquid heaven, coquito, the Puerto Rican cousin of eggnog, trumps all typical holiday drinks. Yet, while the traditional eggnog-like ponche can lighten your spirit, it can a...
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