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How Not to be the Cultural Spokesperson at Work

It’s time for lunch and your colleagues ask you where they can find good “Spanish” food. Or you’re sharing childhood stories with your cube mates and one asks when you came to the United States. Maybe you just finished a presentation and someone comments that ...
WiseWords cover

Wise Words of Latino Men

"Respeta tus mayores." While we heard it all the time growing up, many of us probably didn't get the deeper reason why it was important to "respetar" which was code for "listening" to older people that surrounded us. The elder statesmen in our lives--fathers, ...

Lebron’s 10 Rules for Success

He’s headed for his sixth consecutive trip to the NBA Finals. He’s got hardware galore - two NBA championship rings, four NBA MVP awards, two Olympic medals, a Rookie of the Year award. The accolades go on and on. More amazing is he started doing it all straig...
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Stephen Curry’s 10 Rules For Success

He's a two-time NBA Most Valuable Player. He led the Golden State Warriors to their first championship since 1975. This year he helped the Warriors break the record for the most wins in an NBA season and back to the NBA Finals for a second straight year. He's ...
Man taking test on computer

Surviving the Corporate “Personality Test”

Have you finished polishing up that resume for your 2016 “dream job?” Great, but keep in mind it’s only part of the equation. Those pesky H.R. departments are throwing a whole new monkey wrench into the interview process with the dreaded personality test. Oh y...
Cesar Chavez at rally

6 Career Lessons From Cesar Chavez

As Cesar E. Chavez day approaches (Mar. 31st for those who don’t know) it is appropriate to not just recognize the farm labor activist, civil rights leader and justice crusader but also to learn lessons from his long and impactful life. You might think there’s...