Effective Ways to Finally Quit Bad Habits

With a new year shortly upon us, New Year’s Resolutions are at the center of many folks minds. They can range from quitting smoking to taking up a new hobby. Or to finally working on shedding some weight. It go...

Beginners Guide To Healthy Living

By Charles Watley, Healthy living incorporates eating a good diet, getting enough sleep and exercise while surrounding yourself with a supportive group of friends and family. It is also ...

What Really Is A ‘Balanced Diet’ Anyway?

You’ve heard the term ‘balanced diet’ before and typically an image of vegetables, fruits and lean meats comes to mind. Although that may be true and it's generally what’s recommended, balanced diet really mean...
supplements to boost workouts

A Few Supplements To Power Up Your Workout

When you spend time working out, you’re investing in your appearance, and your health - both mental and physical. We know how good we feel when that endorphin rush comes on after a challenging run or lifting a ...
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