December 4, 2023
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Bad Bunny is back! (although its not like he ever left really).  The reggaetonero dropped his new album ‘Nadie Sabe Lo Que Va a Pasar Mañana’ Friday.  Accompanying the album release is video for the first track Monaco. In the video the success of the Puerto Rican reggaeton star is clearly on display. 

The genre has always held “living your best life” in the highest regard.  Beautiful women, flashy cars and exotic locals have long been staples in the genres videos. With Monaco, Benito elevates to another level. Directed by long time collaborator Skillz, the opening scenes for the video show the artist enter the trendiest of New York eateries Carbone, and he commences to rub shoulders with none other than Tony Montana himself – Al Pacino.

We then cue to the country of Monaco, were Señor Bunny is soaking in the sunlight on mega yachts, indulging in the country’s famous casinos and peeping some the Formula One racing it is so famous for.  In the track itself he name drops folks from Rocky Balboa to Sofia Vergara as only he can.  Be sure to stick around post-credits, as El Conejo Malo continues to chat with The Godfather himself who congratulates Benito on all his success, and cleverly tying in the album title by telling Bunny “nobody knows…nobody knows what tomorrow brings”.

Peep the visuals for Monaco here.

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