October 23, 2021


Alejandro Mayorkas

Who Is Alejandro Mayorkas?

Last week Alejandro Mayorkas made history. As one of President-elect Joe Biden's cabinet nominees, Alejandro Mayorkas became the first Latino and first immigrant ever nominated to become the Head of the Department of Homeland Security. Confirmation and app...

Latinx Heritage Month | Follow the Leaders

  Latinx Heritage Month or, as it is also referred to, Hispanic Heritage Month is customarily a time to honor and celebrate the history, past accomplishments and customs of Latino culture.  However, given the unprecedented nature of 2020, we fel...

This is Why America Is Worth Saving

I am an American raised son of Mexican immigrants. I am grateful to God for our country. I am grateful for its Founders, its people and the patriots and peacemakers who fight daily to make our country stronger. I am filled with great pride and an undying...
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