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What Would Cesar Chavez Tweet?

Cesar Chavez, the Mexican American labor and civil rights activist, fought valiantly for the rights of laborers, farm workers and the human rights of all. More than four decades after he sparked a labor movement the world of social justice has transformed than...

Do Latino Men Have a Role in the #MeToo Movement?

Is there a difference with regard to the #MeToo movement as it applies to Latino men? Especially given that Latino men too have experienced the effects of marginalization? Hollywood’s male dominated culture came crashing down when Ronan Farrow’s piece was p...
LLERO Latino Men of the Year 2017

Men of the Year 2017

They come from all walks of life: government, law enforcement, the culinary arts, sports and entertainment just to name a few. In 2017 — they inspired, they united, they lent a helping hand or simply dared to DREAM. What they all share in common is the positiv...
Edward James Olmos Actor

Edward James Olmos…A True Hollywood Don

Sometimes you choose your profession and sometimes a profession chooses you. You might say this is what happened to Edward James Olmos. Despite harboring dreams of being a baseball star, the 70-year-old Mexican American’s fate was sealed the moment he took an ...

Freddie Prinze – A Prinze Among Men

“Loooooking good!” That single line let loose from the wide grin of a handsome and lanky kid from New York City’s Washington Heights, cemented Freddie Prinze as a cultural icon and comic legend. Frederick Karl Pruetzel was born in 1954 to a Puerto Rican mo...

The Civil Rights Movement through a Latino Lens

When people think of the Civil Rights Movement images of Martin Luther King, Jr.’s March on Washington or Rosa Parks and the Montgomery Bus Boycott come to mind. The problem? That’s an incomplete portrait of what was happening across the country. Latinos were ...
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