February 22, 2024
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David Benavídez faced off against Demetrius Andrade last night in Las Vegas. Defending his Interim WBC Super Middleweight Title.  Benavidez stopped Andrade with a six round technical knockout and once again proved he’s worthy of his moniker the “Mexican Monster”.   

The bout began on a positive note for Andrade. He was able to smother Benavídez’s punches, darting in and out and throw multi-punch combinations from angles that landed. But Andrade started to slow down in the third round, allowing Benavídez to launch an offensive and unload destructive and compact punches. 

Then came the fourth round. A right hand from Benavídez to the side of the head dropped Andrade with just seconds left in the fourth round. Andrade slumped to the canvas, he managed to get up, but was clearly unsteady. Despite his best efforts to mount a comeback and stay in the bout, matters did not improve in the fifth round as Benavídez went into stalk mode. Benavídez hurt Andrade again with a left to start the fifth round. In the remainder of the fifth he continued to walk Andrade down. Andrade’s right eye started to close midway through the round. This sixth round was no different. Andrade took a stand with a minute left in the sixth, but he was still clearly hurt.

The ending came after Andrade’s trainer wouldn’t allow him to leave the corner to start the seventh round.

What does this win do for Benavídez? He probably said it best when he told the press “I think I just solidified myself as a dominant force here, I just reminded everyone who the real champion at 168 is.”

So, what’s next for Benavídez?

He left no doubt when he asked the fans in the arena “Who wants to see me versus Canelo? I’m going to be super middleweight champion of the world, three-time world champion. Now just give me the fight that we all want to see. Who wants to see Benavídez versus Canelo?” 

With Canelo’s recent outing under the PBC banner. It’s quite the possibility.

Until then check out the highlights from Benavídez vs. Andrade here.


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