Kevin Durant Drops Latest Shoe

'LLERO Editors
Kevin Durant, the NBA’s reigning MVP may be done with the season but he’s still making an impact in the form of his latest shoe -- the KD7.

World Cup Gear Starting to Drop

'LLERO Editors
In case you hadn’t noticed there is a little soccer/futbol tournament happening this summer called the World Cup! Well consider the hype surrounding the event…

5 Signs a Guy Can Beat You in a Fight

Omar Mazariego
Odd’s are it’s happened to you at some point in your life -- the time to throw hands. Either some dude disrespected you, one of your boys or your women. In…

Nicolette Manresa

Priscilla Aviles
“Work hard, play hard,” is a saying we all hear time and again. New Jersey native, Nicollette Manresa, doesn’t just hear this motto -- she lives it.

Fluffy's On Deck - Gabriel Iglesias

Michael Lopez
In the world of standup, it’s pretty hard to top the talents of Gabriel Iglesias. “Fluffy,” as he’s affectionately known, has built a tremendous following…

Electronic Arts Summer Showcase

'LLERO Editors
The boys at Electronic Arts are at it again. They’ve devved up the 2015 versions of their sports titles and have hit the road to give folks like us a chance to…

Brasilian Football Gets the Platon Treatment

'LLERO Editors
It all starts now – The World Cup arrives and the world gets one time zone with Rio De Janeiro at the center of the futbol universe.

Papi: The Latino Dads Club

Miguel Guadalupe
On July 4th, of 2008, I got news that my father had passed away. It was also the weekend we were celebrating my daughter’s 2nd birthday. It was an intense and…

Tomas Cookman, Founder of Latin Alternative Music Conference

Navani Otero
This year marks the 15th Anniversary of the Latin Alternative Music Conference, the biggest event of its kind that caters entirely to the Latino music…

Antonio Morales Makes History & Social Change

Navani Otero
I was first introduced to Antonio Morales in 2013 when his debut film Por Amor en el Caserío made its New York City premiere at the International Puerto Rican…

6 Foods for Better Sex

'LLERO Editors
Let’s face it, for those of us that engage in physical fitness on a routine basis, looking good for los mujeres is in part, a motivating factor. Now once…

Master Your Mind

Ana Mantica
Mental health issues can affect everyone, regardless of gender, age or race … yet why is it is so hard for men talk about these issues?

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