World Beard and Moustache Championships

'LLERO Editors
The beard is back. From hipsters, to businessmen and even gangsters, every man seems to be sporting some form of facial hair these days. That’s what makes the…

Pocket Squares

Alex Rios
At one time or another, this has probably happened to all of us. You get dressed for work, an interview or that special event with a crisp new suit. You look…

The Halloween Hookup (1)

The Player
Some nights seem custom-made for the pickup, Halloween is such an occasion.

The Numbers Game - Discussing Your Sexual Past

Sujeiry Gonzalez
Men, how do you respond if and when your woman asks about your number of past sexual partners?

Fluffy's On Deck - Gabriel Iglesias

Michael Lopez
In the world of standup, it’s pretty hard to top the talents of Gabriel Iglesias. “Fluffy,” as he’s affectionately known, has built a tremendous following…

The Women of Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Michael Lopez
This month, FOX’s Golden Globe winning cop comedy, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, is back for season two. That means more screen time for talented Latinas Melissa Fumero…

5 Men We'd Like to See on "Habla Men"

'LLERO Editors
If you haven’t seen the latest incarnation of HBO Latino’s docu-series Habla Men, do so! It’s simple and to the point, a cross section of Latino men discussing…

Inside the Mind of the Latino Man - IV

'LLERO Editors
In celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month, ‘LLERO climbs inside the mind of the Latino man to show you what those things are. This week we count down the final…

Mario Flores

Michael Lopez
In today’s world, PR is a crucial component in the development of a brand. No one knows that better than Mario Flores, who has spent 20+ years guiding…

Marvel Comics Chief Axel Alonso

Emmanuel Ureña
While all of the attention was generally focused on the fictional figures, little was known about the minds or people that dreamt up these characters. Axel…

Rock the Bells

Dorian M. Brito, CSCS
What if I told you that you could get faster, stronger and leaner by swinging around some bells, would you do it? Well, get ready to start.

6 Foods for Better Sex

'LLERO Editors
Let’s face it, for those of us that engage in physical fitness on a routine basis, looking good for los mujeres is in part, a motivating factor. Now once…

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