The Santerians
Members: Elleggua, Ogun, Oya, Chango and Oshun
Universe: Earth-616 (Main Marvel Universe)
First Appearance: Daredevil: Father #2 (October, 2005)

Formed out of desperation due to the rampant crime rate in the Bronx, the Santerians are former members of a neighborhood watch group called the Street Angels, who felt that super-powers were needed to fight crime on the mean streets of the BX. Nestor “Eleggua” Rodriguez convinced a few of the members to join him in using Santeria rituals to obtain the superpowers they needed to clean up their ‘hood. The Santerians got into violent but brief confrontations with Daredevil because they felt that he only cared about helping out in Manhattan, and they felt that the Bronx could also use his assistance. They eventually peaced it out, and each side continued to fight crime within their own boroughs.


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