San Diego Comic-Con International is in the books. The weeklong extravaganza of for all things comic book culture has become the signature event in the industry. The world now watches to get a glimpse of what to expect from movie studios, production companies, publishing houses and many more. As they all descend upon San-Diego like a political convention to show wares, obtain the approval of the devout and outdo the competition. So, what were some of the highlights and hottest moments for 2016? Read on through to find out.


Netflix partnered with Marvel a couple of years ago. Tiptoeing their platform into the comic book genre and they have experienced early success with shows like Dare Devil and Jessica Jones. Their vision – to expand the Marvel universe on the Netflix platform with an aim to creating an Avengers like ensemble in the form of The Defenders. This year they showed they are several steps closer to realizing that vision. Announcing a third season for Dare Devil and dropping trailers for Luke Cage, Iron Fist and a teaser for The Defenders. If the new shows are anything like the trailers below – then binge baby…binge.

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