White Tiger
Real Name: Ava Ayala
Universe: Earth-616 (Main Marvel Universe)
First Appearance: Avengers Academy #20 (December, 2011)

Puerto Rican superhero, Ava Ayala, is the youngest sister of the original White Tiger and possessor of the Jade Tiger amulets, Hector Ayala. Ava took the amulets and her brother’s White Tiger alias and joined the Avengers Academy where she vowed to become a more active Hispanic role model while kicking bad guy butt. The amulets enhance her strength, speed, stamina, reflexes, reaction time and a whole other cat-like abilities. The amulet also helped her tap into master martial arts abilities. The amulets and White Tiger moniker was previously held by Ava and Hector’s niece, Angela Del Toro Ayala, who took on the responsibilities after Hector’s un-timely death.

White Tiger

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