Real Name: Maya Lopez
Universe: Earth-616 (Main Marvel Universe)
First Appearance: Daredevil Vol. 2 #9 (December, 1999)

Maya Lopez, aka Echo, played both foe and love interest to Daredevil simultaneously. While in a romantic relationship with Daredevil’s secret identity, Matt Murdock, she hunted the Daredevil unbeknownst to her that they were the same person. Lopez was made to believe by her foster father, Wilson Fisk a.k.a. the Kingpin, that Daredevil murdered her birth father when she was younger, but the fact was that the Kingpin ordered her father’s hit. She eventually bested Daredevil in battle and nearly kills him, but, at that moment, she realizes that it’s Murdock under the mask. Murdock eventually finds out the truth about Lopez’s father’s death and informs her, making her go after the Kingpin and shooting him in the eye, temporarily blinding him. But, as always, the Kingpin survives and recuperated.


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