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Everyone wants to feel a connection. But ironically, the more we can reach out to others through social media, the further apart we are. It seems as though whenever you get together with friends or relatives, they spend their whole time on their phones, or you could be just as guilty.

These issues can make forming connections much more difficult. It’s understandable. After all, everyone has their lives, but you still want to find ways to connect with people you care about and even new friends. So how can you feel more connected? 

Be Yourself

There’s no point connecting with people if you don’t show them who you are. This is why being yourself is such a valuable piece of advice. While many people are on their best behavior when meeting new people, they know they’ll have to show who they are eventually. Luckily most people are decent, and it’s just a few strange quirks that you might worry about. But these quirks and habits are part of what makes you you. They make you more interesting and authentic, so celebrate them rather than hide them.

Find Common Ground

It can be tricky to connect with people you’ve never met, so finding common ground and shared interests will make things easier. If you’re unsure where to start, ask them about their hobbies. You might discover that you’re both obsessive Minesweeper players or you share a love for all things retro. You could also ask them about their favorite books or movies to learn who they are. The more you know early on, the easier it will be to find common ground and find a connection.

Support Others

As much as people love feeling independent, they also love feeling supported. If you’re looking for ways to connect, offering this support is crucial. Perhaps they are looking for an exercise partner to hold them accountable for their goals. You could be that partner and go to the gym with them or join up every evening for runs. It isn’t just workouts, though. Support comes in many forms, including moving house or visiting your new friend’s art show.

Respect Boundaries

While you want to show you care and do everything possible to make connections, you should understand and respect boundaries. Everyone has different tolerances for spending time together or speaking to people, so while you might be an eager extrovert, your new friends may prefer a slower pace. It’s important to respect these boundaries and not overdo it, as this could affect your friendship and drive people away. It helps to ask people if they ever need you to step back as this improves communication and puts everyone on the same playing field.

Call More Often

You can also rebuild connections with old friends, especially if you’ve moved away and haven’t spoken to anyone from home for a while. While you might feel like you’re bothering them, there’s no risk when you phone a friend, at least not a genuine friend. They may be thrilled to hear from you and would love to catch up. They may have even been thinking about getting in touch themselves but were too nervous to make the first move.

Stay In the Moment

The more you stay in the moment, the easier it will be to make connections with people. You want to be there when cool, funny, or weird things happen since this can give you something to talk about which could help build your friendship. You won’t get this if you’re always talking about other people or spend most of your time on your phone. So spend more time enjoying where you are now to get the most out of every interaction and experience.

Dig Deeper

People love talking about themselves, so asking questions makes you more likable and helps you learn more about your friends or even people you’ve just met. While you don’t want to pry too much, you can still dig deeper than the everyday questions about their day or whether they binged the latest Netflix show. Asking questions helps you learn more about them and what makes them tick. You can also give them the chance to elaborate, which could benefit them as much as it benefits you.

Be Friendly

It sounds obvious, but being friendly is the perfect way to make connections. This could be as simple as smiling at them whenever you meet them or even just saying hello to everyone in a group. Of course, people with social anxiety may find this difficult, but that’s okay. You can find ways to be friendly that you’re comfortable with. You don’t have to be the life of the party, but you can open up, talk, and keep a smile on your face.

Say Yes

People like people who do things. Even if you don’t like spending all your free time out of the house, considering you have chores and other things to do, you should still say yes more often. Consider how many times you’ve turned down an invitation only to find out that everyone else had the best time. They have built an impressive connection and you want to be part of that. If you say yes next time, you could enjoy a similar experience.

Show Them You Care

Vulnerability is tricky, especially for adults who may have been hurt before or are wary about meeting new people. Still, if you’ve found someone or even a group of people who care about you, you can find out how to show people you careabout them too. Calls, notes, affirmations, and simple human decency all prove you are there for them and will help you improve your bond so that you have the best connection.


Connections shouldn’t be as difficult as they feel right now. These tips should help you adjust how to connect, think and give you the chance to connect with new people or reconnect with old friends more easily. As long as you show respect and work hard to be your best self, connecting with people will be easy.

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