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If you want to grow as a person and be successful in life, personally, and in your business or career, you’ll need to be more accountable. Because when you’re accountable, you’ll stay much more true to your commitments, goals, and, of course, your overall responsibilities, whatever they might be. 

It’s not always easy to be accountable, however, which is why you might sometimes need some help. Keep reading to find out more about how to be accountable in life. 


Set Goals

It’s hard to be more accountable when you haven’t got any goals (or at least not clear and well-thought-out ones) to work towards, isn’t it? However, when you’ve got set and defined goals to look at and work towards, then it becomes a lot easier to track your progress, which means it also becomes a lot easier to hold yourself accountable when you’re falling behind and need to get motivated to do more. 

The best thing to do is start with your big goals and then break those down into much smaller ones. As small as possible, even if that means you have dozens of little things to do. Getting small things done is far easier and less overwhelming than getting big things done. You’ll find you breeze through the small goals and can progress faster than if you just had big goals to deal with. 


Join A Group

Trying to do everything alone can cause problems. Why? Because there is no one, other than yourself, to be accountable to. It’s far easier to make excuses to yourself than it is to others. 

Joining some kind of group makes the deceptive self-talk a lot harder to do.  Because you now have other people checking in with you about your progress or lack thereof. They can also provide reminders of what needs to be getting done. A men’s group, for example, can be really helpful. Especially if you’re usually on your own and you need a little extra motivation to reach your goals. Being around like-minded people who can help you move forward (and who you can help in return) is ideal and it will help you be a lot more accountable in life. 


Leverage Technology

Since we do so much with and around technology these days, it makes a lot of sense that you can also use it to become more accountable in life. Since you’ll probably have a smartphone, laptop, or tablet (and perhaps all three devices) with you most of the time, using that tech isn’t really a burden. 

There are all kinds of apps and websites that can help you be a lot more accountable. Including calendars, diary organizers, habit trackers, and so on.  Even just setting reminders and notifications to help you get things done goes a long way. Over time, these programs and apps can help you develop great habits when it comes to your motivation and accountability. So they should help you get further ahead.  

Canadian author Bob Proctor best captured the concept of accountability, with this often cited quote “Accountability is the glue that ties commitment to the result. Being accountable to someone helps you keep your ‘eyes on the prize’—instead of losing sight of the necessary steps to move you toward your dreams.”

So get the glue and start building your dreams.


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