December 6, 2023

Mark Sanchez – New York Jets, Quarterback

Just under four years ago, Sanchez was being hailed as the savior for the Jets, with monikers such as
“The Chosen One” and “The Sanchize” being bestowed on him. For the first two years he seemed to back it up with two consecutive trips to the AFC Championship. However, it’s been downhill since then. Sanchez has become known more for partying like Joe Namath as evidenced by the video released online, but he hasn’t played much like the exalted star of yesteryear. In 2012 Sanchez had the worst year of his career culminating in the infamous “butt fumble” that has remained etched in our memories thanks to the greatness of YouTube. Off the field more YouTube videos showed more butts. The Jets have taken notice and their drafting of Geno Smith to compete for the QB job was the biggest no confidence vote to date. In 2013 Sanchez has got to compete for and win the QB position. Seniority and knowledge of the offense should edge Sanchez over rookie Smith to start the season, but he’s got to deliver the goods in 2013 or rest assured with the Jets looking to rebuild they will certainly call Smith’s number before the season ends.

New York Jets Mark Sanchez at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey

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