As of late, Latino players have dominated the NFL storylines for a variety of reasons. Whether it was Victor Cruz salsa-ing all the way to the bank or Aaron Hernandez being led away in cuffs, Latino players have kept their names in the media for both right and wrong reasons. With the new season quickly approaching, let’s take a look at some of the players who have captured fans’ attention and see what needs to be done to make 2013 more than a tabloid headline.

Victor Cruz – New York Giants, Wide Receiver

Cruz definitely had a busy offseason. The fourth-year pass catcher was shown the money in a big way inking a six-year $45.879 million deal. He celebrated his huge contract the way any wide receiver worth his salt would: by creating unneeded controversy. Cruz apologized for a less than kosher tweet aimed at George Zimmerman after the Trayvon Martin verdict was announced. This mini-controversy shouldn’t diminish Cruz. He has been finally compensated and has long been one of the NFL’s most dangerous weapons. You add Eli Manning to the mix and the fact that you can’t double-team Cruz because of Hakeem Nicks, you have the recipe for a 100-catch season. All that being said, with big money comes big responsibility. At his current price point anything less than a play-off or Super Bowl-worthy season will be deemed a failure in the eyes of the notorious New York press.

Dallas Cowboys v New York Giants

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