December 6, 2023

Aaron Hernandez – New England Patriots, Former Tight End

This is perhaps the most serious and saddening of the bunch. Hernandez was once a burgeoning star on the Patriots, a 2011 Pro-Bowl selection, with an appearance in the 2011 Super Bowl. The 6’1 245lb TE formed part of an offense with Rob Grankoswki and Tom Brady that was downright scary. At just 23, it appeared as if his best football had yet to be played. While this may still be the case, Hernandez is now TMZ’s new favorite jail pen pal. The former tight end was arrested for alleged murder of Odin Lloyd. Footage of the brawny former player with the supposed murder weapon has surfaced. With evidence mounting, the public is already condemning Hernandez to the All-Prison yard team before he goes to trial. Clearly Hernandez has bigger obstacles to overcome than football. First and foremost he’ll need to overcome his legal issues. If he does, then perhaps a road back to the NFL as he has vowed, could happen. However, it will be a long and tenuous one.

Arizona Cardinals v New England Patriots

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