The 2014-15 NFL season is about to kick-off. Maybe the melodrama that draws Hispanics to novelas is what also makes the NFL so appealing: action, deep voice-overs and over the top story lines that culminate in a season-ending crescendo. Well, the “NFL Game Changers” novela has some pretty mesmerizing characters that will keep us glued to our flat screens, tablets and phones. Check out the cast members to watch this season.

El Jefe – Ron Rivera

Carolina Panthers Head Coach Ron Rivera’s “game changing” moment came last year when he decided to trust franchise Quarterback Cam Newton and go for more critical fourth downs. The result for “Riverboat Ron” was a 12-4 record, an NFC South title, NFL Coach of the Year and a 3-year contract extension. Nuff’ said.

Carolina Panthers head coach Ron Rivera

El Empresario – Victor Cruz

New York Giants Wide Receiver Victor Cruz is the gold standard for NFL “slot receivers” and salsa dancers alike. Pundits expect Cruz’ game changing ways to continue under new Offensive Coordinator Ben McAdoo. “Eli Manning and Cruz have great chemistry and their new ‘West Coast Offense’ will make Cruz and the Giants dangerous,” comments sports blogger Monte Perez.

Dallas Cowboys v New York Giants

Los Hijos Prodigos – Arian Foster and Mark Sanchez

Houston Texans’ Running Back Arian Foster dominated the NFL with three consecutive Pro Bowls before an injury plagued 2013 led to the Texans disastrous 2-14 record. Foster says he’s healthy, but can he still make a difference after offseason back surgery? After a strong preseason with the Philadelphia Eagles, Quarterback Mark Sanchez is again a hot commodity. A trade or injuries will likely put Sanchez back in the spotlight soon. “Sanchez just needed to get back to basics. He can do special things again,” observed former NFL QB Alex Espinosa.

New York Jets v Miami Dolphins

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