If you thought speed dating was a kooky way to meet your soul mate, wait until you test your nostrils at a pheromone party. One of the newest trends in matchmaking, pheromone fiestas hook up singles based on their sense of smell. Big cities like L.A. and New York have already embraced the trend, organizing events that have brought in hundreds of singles. Plus with “party” elements like beer, appetizers and music in the mix, it may not be a bad way to meet your dream Latina (as long as you’ve showered first). Here’s our full list of pheromone party fundamentals…

Figuring Out Pheromones

In late 2010, web developer Judith Prays came up with an idea. After failed attempts at online dating, she decided to dig deeper into what women find attractive in a man (listen closely fellas). The conclusion she came up with wasn’t bank accounts or six-pack abs, but rather primal odors that certain guys give off. In fact, she told NBC News that she stayed in a relationship for two years because of the way her boyfriend smelled. Strange as that sounds, it’s rooted in science as “pheromones” secreted by the body have been proven to attract certain species during mating season. Several experts claim that carries over for humans too. “Humans can pick up this incredibly small chemical difference with their noses,” Martha McClintock, founder of the Institute for Mind and Biology at the University of Chicago, told the Huffington Post. So, Judith took that concept and built her own “party” around it.

Welcome To The Party

By 2011, Prays’ pheromone parties began building a lot of traction in NYC. The concept was actually very simple; all guests were required to sleep in the same t-shirt for three nights. They then had to put it in a plastic bag, freeze it and bring it to the party. Everyone’s bag got labeled with a number and from there, the noses went to work. People sniffed through anonymous shirts and if they hit a scent they liked, they announced that number and saw if it led to a love match. Strange as it sounds, the first pheromone party led to half a dozen hookups and one long-term relationship. Plus, with booze and lively singles in the mix, it certainly wasn’t hard to have a good time.

Where To “Pher”

So far, pheromone parties have become big hits in New York and L.A. Typical fiesta locales include art galleries, bars and even local movie theaters. Judith still runs the show and is planning to expand her parties to Houston, San Francisco and Atlanta. It’s also pretty easy to set one up yourself as the specific instructions are printed on PheromoneParties.com. And for the record, the pheromone scene has plenty of multicultural elements too. Latina, Asian and African-American partygoers are all featured prominently on the gallery pages (along with their freeze dried t-shirts). So if you’re feeling confident under the armpits, click on the site and schedule an appearance at the next big pheromone fiesta.



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