The Man Code is simply a collection of unspoken, yet widely known, regulations that govern the behavior of men. It applies to every person that self identifies as a man. There are no exceptions (i.e. “definitive”) and it applies to all facets of life. The absence of these regulations, result in mayhem. The Code is more relevant today than ever before, because, frankly speaking, men are the new women; and this is as a direct result of men not adhering to The Code.

Now, with respect to time, I will avoid discussing the basic rules like maintaining a one empty seat between minimum in the movie theatre, not willingly watching movies like The Notebook alone or the implied obligation of reciprocity when buying rounds at the bar. Instead, I will however focus on the codes that seem to be habitually broken and disregarded.

Man Code Rule #5: “Sword Crossing is Prohibited”

This is probably the oldest rule on the books and should be strictly adhered to at all times! Under no circumstances is “dating” your boy’s ex permissible. She is off limits! In some circles, asking permission prior to taking a dip in the “sloppy seconds” pool is acceptable. I, however, encourage gentlemen to err on the side of brotherhood.

Man Code Rule #4: “Silence is Golden”

Gentlemen, it is your responsibility to Keep. Your. F*&kin. Mouth. Shut. So that means no stories about the guy’s trip to Brazil, the bachelor party in Vegas or even some of the confides your boy may share with you. This rule however is not as absolute. The gentleman does have room for situational judgment calls. For example, if he is closer to the woman in the relationship then he is obligated to discuss transgressions that can potentially harm his female friend. However, the informant in this particular case cannot break the code of silence for personal gain. While on the topic of silence, it’s also applies to your conduct when you’re out with your crew, if you’re at a game, on a road trip, etc. Sometimes it’s fine to enjoy the silence, so there is NO need to feel like you have to talk every frickin’ second. In fact, it might ruin the vibe.

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