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Some guys are able to head into the game of love and come out with everything they ever dreamed of. They have the bravado, charisma, and confidence to be able to handle whatever life throws at them, and their love-life is pretty comfy – whatever happens. Nothing in life is really like a fairy-tale, but they’re perpetually content with how things go, and they always end up a winner. 

It’s not like that for every single guy on the planet, though, is it? Some guys really struggle to find what they’re looking for. We all deserve to have the perfect person, but that kind of situation just seems to evade a portion of the population. 

Are you reading this and resonating with it all? Perhaps you’ve been through a big breakup, or maybe you’ve just not entered the game as deeply as you’d have liked, and you feel as though you’ll never find the perfect person. Sound familiar? Well, the good thing is that there’s always something you can do. If you want a little advice, then read the following points: 


Go To Work On Yourself

Look, you can absolutely go out and look for the right person while you’re not too sure about yourself – it’s a free world, after all. You’ll have a lot more luck if you take care of yourself, though. If you boost yourself up and fall in love with yourself (not like Narcissus!), then you’ll become so much more magnetic than if you aimlessly look for validation elsewhere. People want to be around positive energy, and they gravitate towards you if they feel as though you’re going to enhance their life somewhat. Focus on your money-making endeavors, work out, practice positivity. All of these things may seem like chores – and they’ll take some patience – but they’re worth it! 


Join Different Clubs And Do Different Things 

In order to find the right person, you actually need to go out and do your bit! They aren’t going to come straight to your doorstep unannounced – well, they might, but you don’t want to take the chance and wait years for it! If you like certain things, then pursue them. Go out and be sociable. Everything you’ve ever wanted might be there. 


Pluck Up The Courage And Date! 

Sure, we talked about not just heading out and seeking validation from another person. But what we mean here is that it would be worth going out and building your confidence up a little. Your charisma and confidence are skills that are built by such events. You may find someone lovely, or you may not – but you’ll end up learning and growing from the experience. Dating apps, social media, or someone you keep seeing at a bar – they’re all just people, and they’ll all want to speak to you!


Don’t Push Or Force Anything

This is really important, and something we’ve touched on previously. If you’re one for spiritual means like seeing signs or getting a free psychic reading, then go right ahead. You’ll probably need to let things grow organically, though. If you rush things, then you’re most likely going to suffer. You might end up getting annoyed at the lack of results. Or you might take things too far and fall too quickly – that’s also a terrible situation most of the time. Even though the saying is that life is too short, you have a long life – take your time with this stuff. Seriously. 

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