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Love is the greatest feeling in the world, and we all want to find that someone special. While there’s nothing wrong with being happily single, an extended period of feeling unlucky in love can quickly dampen your spirits.

If you have found yourself in this predicament, it’s likely that you’ve been left wondering ‘why?’. While there are many potential contributing factors to consider, here are six of the most frequent solutions.


1| You’re Not Ready

While you may want a new relationship, it’s difficult to find one if you’re not in the right frame of mind. Unfortunately, if you do rush into a new relationship in this situation, there’s a very strong chance that it will end in disaster. Even if the partner is a brilliant person.

Perhaps the most important step, then, is to get over the previous breakup. Everyone has baggage, but there’s nothing worse than taking those wounds into a new relationship. It will stop you from giving the new partner a real chance while also preventing you from being yourself.

Some broken relationships will allow you to move on quickly, others may take time for the wounds to heal. Meanwhile, if your ex-spouse died, you may wish to seek professional support. You still deserve to move on and be happy – but only when you’re ready.


2| Lack Of Confidence

Confidence isn’t only an attractive personality trait. It’s also the key that will encourage you to actually put yourself out there by meeting people and showing your best qualities. In turn, this can be a significant step en route to hitting it off right away.

A lack of confidence can be borne from many issues, but it’s often looks based. Using an Invisalign treatment to correct your smile can be a very effective way to transform your life. The benefits will extend beyond dating. They can enhance career prospects and daily interactions in various situations.

Other ways to boost your confidence include losing weight, changing your hairstyle, or new outfits. Surrounding yourself with positive people should rub of on you too. Further development can be gained through listening to confidence training audiobooks.


3| Falling Into The Same Trap

Most people have a ‘type’ that they instantly feel attracted to. Regarding physical features, this is completely normal and healthy. However, when it extends to personality traits, it can lead to problems. More specifically, you’ll end up in relationships that end for the same reasons.

There are many signs of a toxic relationship to consider. When you’ve spotted these issues in a new partner, it’s vital that you acknowledge the alarm bells. Moreover, if you’re somebody that thinks you can change someone for the better, you must lose this feeling. It’s just not worth it.

A relationship only works when you are equally perfect for each other. You deserve somebody that will treat you correctly, just as you do for them. All relationships have bumpy moments, but if there is a character clash from the beginning, the truth is that things won’t work out.


4| Looking In The Wrong Places

The old cliché that love will find you when you least expect it does ring true. At least for some people. However, most people that are ready for a relationship will actively look for love. Sadly, the easiest options are often the worst. In turn, this can only lead to further frustrations.

Dating Apps like Tinder can be a great place to find people, but you should be wary of the users that are looking for one night stands. If this is what you’re after too, that’s fine. If you want a relationship, though, the fallout of being used in this way can set you back. Be realistic and honest with yourself.

While finding love through online communications is now the norm, you shouldn’t ignore traditional methods. Don’t be afraid to talk to people in bars or in the park when you’re walking the dog. If you close yourself off from everyone, you could potentially miss out on ‘the one’.

5| You’re Looking For Someone To Define Your Happiness

The right person will certainly improve your life, bringing an extra source of light to your world. But you cannot expect them to instantly remove other problems from your life. Ultimately, a great relationship won’t magically turn every aspect of your world into gold. Don’t expect it to.

A supportive partner can provide extra confidence and motivation to chase goals. Nevertheless, only you can take responsibility for your career and other life challenges. Whether it’s chasing a change of job role, fixing a sibling bond or getting the home on order doesn’t matter. It’s all down to you.

There’s no question that a great partner should improve your life. Moments spent with them should be more magical than moments without them. Still, if you expect them to wave a magic wand and fix every problem in your life, you will be let disappointed. In turn, this could cost you a shot at love.


6| Expecting Too Much, Too Soon

When starting a new relationship, a physical attraction is important. Nonetheless, it’s only one of several key features. You need to feel a special bond between the two of you. In reality, though, this often won’t occur like in the movies. While there is lust at first sight, love at first sight is inaccurate.

The fact of the matter is that relationships need a chance to grow. Rushing into sex, moving in, having a baby, getting married, or just spending all your time together can have a devastating impact. There is no rush to achieve those things, which is why love should grow organically.  If you do want to propose, consider looking into everything first, such as the significance of the ring finger and whether or not getting married is going to help your relationship or hinder it.

Besides, you’ll have a lifetime for those things to happen. You only get one opportunity to enjoy the early dating experiences with someone. Learning about them and embracing that sense of not knowing what to expect can be truly magical. If you miss out on those moments, it can harm you.


The Final Word

Love will find you, but it’s important to give it a better chance. When you make a conscious effort to work on your inner feelings while also addressing your past issues, finding ‘the one’ will be a whole lot easier. And boy it’ll be worth it! 

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