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There is no doubt the pandemic has changed life as we know it. That includes dating and sex. The days of heading out for happy hours or bar hopping with the hopes of getting “lucky” are no longer as viable an option.  Replaced by Zoom Happy Hours, swiping left and right and naughty texts – all of which are now important tools of the social trade. And that includes sexting!

If you’re wondering about the best and easiest ways of sexting with people near and far and sharing your naughty photos or cam feeding with them then you’ve probably put a lot of thought into Skype. It’s just a natural path for your mind to follow. You know that Skype is made for talking to people with live video feeds and it just makes sense. In fact, if you look at this article from Guiding Tech, they list it as one of the best apps to use for all of your messaging needs.

That doesn’t mean that it’s great for sexting, though. You need more than what Skype has to offer you when you want to join a group. The first and biggest reason is that it’s going to take some time before you can actually find the kind of group that you’re looking for. That’s not what the app is made for, and it really shows. It’s supposed to be a family friendly and professional app and adult games are usually off the table.

Find the Right Women First

If you’re really in the market for a like-minded adult group that indulges in the naughty stuff, then the best way to go about it is to find women you want to play around with first. That’s not going to be an easy thing to do if you don’t know what those women really look like. You can’t just point to a woman that you think is attractive and expect her to want to play with you in the nude. You have to find the kinds of women who are willing to get naughty with you because they love to play and are seeking the same things you are. Trust us, their is an app for that!

Women like this are likely the like-minded play partner you are seeking. You need to find women who are deeply in love with and openly comfortable with sex as you may be.. When you find those women, you can create a group around them rather than trying to do it the other way around. It’s a much easier way to go about it and you’ll see it right away if you go about, it in the right order.

Women Who Prefer to Go Solo

However, you must realize that there are millions of women in the world who prefer the solo game over having actual sex with someone. Finding these women is key to getting the kind of cam fun that you’re after. If you can find a girl who wants to touch herself rather than have someone else touch her, then you’re also finding a girl who wants to cam with someone. It’s as close to sex they ever want to get with someone. It’s their version of being intimate with someone and you get to take advantage of it when you find them.

You can read this article from Cosmopolitan if you need a good overview of why these women are the way that they are. If you can find these women when you’re in the mood for a good time, then you’ll be well on your way to creating the group chats that you want to find for yourself. It’s always a better idea to just create a group rather than trying to find one because you get to make all the rules and invite the kinds of people that you want to have around you.

Women From Other Groups

If you want to make it extremely easy on yourself then all you really have to do is find women who are already making it very clear that they want to play online with someone. You can head over and connect with hot ladies who are ready for sexting at arousr.com. This is where women know that they can go when they want to have some adult fun and they don’t try to hide themselves from it at all. They know what they want and they’re more than happy to go out and get it.

You’ll be able to get into the kind of fun that you are both seeking. When you introduce yourself to these women, you know that you are both seeking the same thing. No games, they’re going to want to get right into it. It’s who they are, and you get to be one of the lucky guys who talks to them and be free about your sexual heart desires.

So, there you have it, a few tips on how to navigate the pandemic world of sexting. As with everything else these days be sure to be respectful but above all safe!

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