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When all things comic book went virtual last year geek culture was naturally worried. One of the best things about being at live various comic-cons is feeling the sense of community. Seeing folks dressed as your favorite characters. Hearing the collective sighs as new trailers and other easter eggs are dropped at convention halls.  Yet, the transition to virtual con’s has brought its own share of wonderful surprises. For example, more talent can participate, and fans get to have more direct access.  DC FanDome perhaps pivoted the best into the virtual world. It was so good; they are doing it again.  DC Fandome 2021 kicks off October 16th.  Here are a few highlights fans are anticipating ahead of this year’s festivities and a few surprises we hope happen.

What We Know We’ll See

The Batman

If DC FanDome 2021 were a sports team.  This would be the franchise player. The latest incarnation of the Dark Knight is said to address year two of his exploits in Gotham and be a heavy noir take on the material, focusing more on his detective skills, less on the gadgets.

They have been teasing, if not outright headlining all promo for the event with latest big screen adaptation of the Caped Crusader.  Filming was completed in March, as confirmed by director Matt Reeves himself. So there has been plenty of time to cut together a proper trailer. Safe money is that’s what will be delivered at FanDome this year. 



Black Adam

If Batman is the franchise, Black Adam is the number two.  Thanks mainly to enormous popularity of the man portraying the anti-hero – Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.  This man does nothing small. We got a peek at some artwork, storylines and cast last year. But the cameras have been rolling on this project so expect some form of teaser or trailer this year.

Black Adam Teaser

The Flash

Coming in to wrap a team’s “Big Three”, must be The Flash.  The Scarlett Speedster is making his solo motion picture debut – and this could be the jump-off the DCU has needed. Given that it will explore the multiverse and bring in some big-name hero talent as supporting cast. Namely, the Michael Keaton’s Batman, Ben Affleck will also be in the fray with his version of the cowl, as will Supergirl.  Last year director Andrés Muschietti teased some concept artwork. This year we will likely see a teaser or sizzle reel of some sorts.



What We May See

Aquaman 2

Aquaman himself Jason Mamoa teased the new suit a few weeks ago. Filming is underway. So, it would not come as a surprise if DC Fandome dropped a sizzle reel or behind the scenes look. Just too wet appetites – pun intended.



Shazam: Gods of Fury

As with Aquaman the Shazam sequel we’ve already seen most of the Shazam family in their new and improved suits. Filming is well underway if not complete, so there is ample footage to put together a trailer. Will it drop at FanDome? It would be a pleasant surprise.


Green Lantern Corps.

The HBOMax series has a director, a story, and a star.  It has not started filming yet. This, however, did not stop sneak peaks at Black Adam and The Flash at last year’s DC FanDome. So, while no word is out yet. It would be a nice surprise for fans.



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