January 31, 2023

C.Tangana and Paloma Mami have joined forces for their first ever collaboration. The result is the track entitled “No Te Debi Besar” (I Shouldn’t Have Kissed You). The track is a sultry tune about forbidden love.

Paloma Mami drops lyrics in English and Spanish. She’s an artist on the rise. Upon hearing the track we know why. Her sound is reminiscent of another Spanish artist on the come up Rosalia (no surprise given that Tangana co-wrote several songs on Rosalía’s El Mal Querer). “No Te Debi Besar,” was co-produced by Tangana and Alizzz and co-written by Tangana and Paloma. The video is directed by Spanish filmmaker Rogelio and it shows. The visuals aren’t the Hype Williams inspired fare we are accustomed to in the genre. It’s got a cinematic feel along the lines of Blade Runner 2049 meets Miami Vice. If ya peep the visuals you’ll know what we mean.

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