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Beauty, brains, talent, success — almost every man is looking for a woman who has it all to call their own. Even if these women might seem like a magical unicorn, ‘LLERO knows that this type of woman exists. Maybe SHE is your vecina, the one who got away, or your sister’s home girl. So right here on our site, we’ll be turning the spotlight on the ladies that we all know and love because we know that “SHE” means She Has Everything.

Vianessa Castanos could make any man’s heart flutter. The 30-something Dominican and Pakistani actress has the caramel skin, raven colored mane and toned frame that will get any man’s attention. But her nine lives, not to mention daring persona, will keep any man mesmerized. The traveling nomad who’s lived everywhere from D.C. to the Dominican Republic, has done a bit of everything: actress, writer, body building competitor. Her gypsy lifestyle came to a halt in college. After graduating from high school at just 16, she attended Florida State University and studied everything from Marine Biology to business until she received a degree in Spanish language and literature before chasing her Hollywood dreams. While she feels “Dominican through and through” she was raised Muslim and has a deep love for her South Asian culture. Learn more about this girl who has it all…

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About The Author

Jessica Rodriguez

Besides putting pen to paper for ‘LLERO Jessica is a co-founder. She is a seasoned writer, editor and journalist who has successfully peddled her words across media platforms from Urban Latino, Latina and Cosmo Latina, since picking up her professional pen in 1999.

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