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Nothing says vacation like a rum cocktail. But like most of us, your getaway fantasies might be limited to making drinks in your home bar and drinking them during digital happy hour. Just because you’re not jetting off to the Caribbean, the birthplace of rum, doesn’t mean you can’t go there…see what we did there? 

July also happens to be the month we page homage to the Piña Colada Day ( July 10), Mojitos ( July 11) and Daiquiris (July 19). You don’t need a better reason (or three!) than that to indulge.

This month take a mental holiday to Puerto Rico, Cuba or any Caribbean island you please. These getaways in a glass will definitely put you in a tropical state of mind. Salud!

For National Piña Colada Day Try:

Piña De Lite

This drink was created in Puerto Rico (where Don Q is made) and is the quintessential trago on vacations. It’s been around for more than 60 years.

Make this version, shaken and not stirred, for yourself.


2 oz Don Q Piña Rum

2 oz Coconut water

½ oz Lime juice

2 Fresh strawberries

1 Lime wheel


Preparation: Add rum, coconut water, lime juice, and strawberries into a Boston shaker and muddle. Add ice and shake. Strain into a coupe class. Garnish with lime wheel. Add a bar spoon of Campari.

*Garnish at your discretion

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