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Creamy, sweet and quite honestly liquid heaven, coquito, the Puerto Rican cousin of eggnog, trumps all typical holiday drinks. Yet, while the traditional eggnog-like ponche can lighten your spirit, it can also weigh down your belly. A slim-downed version of our favorite guilty pleasure delivers the same rockin’ flavor minus the fatty stuff. Now, the New York City-based Flaco Coquito has taken the coconut rum drink to the next level with a healthy spin on the traditional holiday drink in tons of cool flavors.

The Inspiration

Started by Cynthia Sepulveda (and her familia), Flaco Coquito has been serving up its skinny version of the traditional ponche since 2012. So how did the concoction come about? While they’d always loved celebrating the holidays together with their homemade coquito (like any good Latino), there was just one catch – the sugar rush. Several of Cynthia’s family members suffer from health conditions that affect many Latinos, such as diabetes, cancer and lupus. After noticing that fewer family members weren’t indulging in coquito anymore due to health reasons, Sepulveda set out on a mission to make a low-sugar version of her family’s secret recipe. Her goal – make a lighter version of coquito while staying true to the taste. The result? Flaco Coquito with half the fat of the original and oozing with pure deliciousness.

More Flavor In Ya Ear

Healthiness aside, Sepulveda took it one step further and created a number of flavors of the traditional drink. Take your pick from an extensive menu that includes Traditional Coquito, Strawberry, Mango, Milk Chocolate, White Chocolate, White Chocolate with Strawberry, Caramel Vanilla Latte, Vanilla Latte, Heath Mocha (with almonds), Butterscotch, Mocha Mint, Pumpkin, and yes, Dulce de Leche. There are also low-sugar, vegan, dairy-free, and organic coconut options. All are virgin-style and come with a quick guide on how to spike it if you like. It’ll last two weeks total closed or open in the fridge.

Where To Purchase

While there is no brick and mortar storefront, you can get and learn more about Flaco Coquito at www.flacocoquito.com. 

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