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Becoming a father can be the most rewarding point in a mans life. It’s also one of the biggest responsibilities a man will undertake. Ask any father, they will recall how rewarding and overwhelming bringing their your baby home was, especially if it’s the first. Keeping your baby happy and healthy should be a fathers number one priority. As their parent or guardian, it is your job to look after them and help them in every single way. There are a lot of different ways to look after your baby and every family is different, but here are some general ideas on how to tackle the basics to help you keep your baby happy and healthy.


Give Them A Varied Diet

Fathers take note. When you start weaning your baby onto different foods, you should be adventurous and let them try all different types of foods and experience different flavors and combinations. If you are doing baby-led weaning, you obviously want to start with finger foods and soft things that they’re able to chew and swallow as they move into more solid foods, you can add in a lot of variety. This also helps them be less busy as they get older. If you just give them a lot of the same things all the time they won’t be open to trying new things and maybe fussy when they’re older making it more difficult for you to get them to eat right. It is also beneficial to try them on foods that people are normally allergic to. This will allow you to determine from an early age what foods to avoid in the future.  These would be things like dairy, eggs, nuts, and fish. There are other things they could be allergic to, but these are some of the main ones. It’s not only different flavors but also different textures. Soft foods are a lot easier for them, but things like meat can have a weird texture and a lot of babies tend not to like meat for a while due to the different texture. However, they may eat things like spaghetti, Bolognese or sausage. Once they start eating, you also want to make sure they’re getting the right amount nutrients in their body. You can also get some baby vitamins that you could pop into yogurt or their milk to have their daily vitamin and take as well.


Look After Their Skin

Babies’ skin can be very temperamental as they used to be in the womb when they came out into the world. There are so many different things that they’re not used to, and that can make their skin flare up. A lot of babies experience baby acne because of this. Also in the winter when there is a constant change from being outside in the cold and even the snow and rain to inside with the air-conditioning and radiators on. It can take a toll on the skin and make it dry and sore, as well as even developing eczema. Eczema can be very distressing and upset babies as it just feels very uncomfortable and sore so you will want to look into relief for newborns and babies with eczema. You can use baby moisture every day and make sure to not use any harsh chemicals or shampoos and body wash when bathing them. Also, if you feel like this skin is getting too out of control and you’re starting to get worried you can always go to the doctor for advice.


Encourage Them To Move About Once They Are Able To

Once babies start trying to roll over and crawl, encouragement is the best way to help them get going. This will allow them to start to gain some strength in their arms and legs. You can do this with different things like a tummy time roller to help them lift themselves on their arms. You  can also get bouncers and swings that go in the doorway, and this can help them practice, putting some strength in their legs and bouncing themselves up and down. Also start to encourage them to crawl by putting a colorful or one of their favorite toys in front of them, but place it just out of reach. They will then have to shuffle forward to get them. You could even get on the floor with them and show them what to do by crawling around and moving along the floor so they try to copy you.


Make Sure They Are Getting Enough Sleep

When you have a baby you need to make sure to sleep right, but sleep is very important for babies. It aids with growth and mood regulation, both of which are beneficial. Things can affect sleep like illness, gas or lots of noise. So be sure that you’re putting them to sleep in a warm, dark and quiet environment. Also, make sure they get the right of sleep for that age. it just changed a lot in the first few years of what kind of sleep they need and how many naps they need. Every baby is different and you will know your baby best but don’t try to stop naps too early. If you feel like they still may need them. Especially when they’re sick or unwell, they tend to sleep a lot more as well. There are lots of different sleep aids you can get to help your baby go to sleep like you and the dream, sheep, mobiles, white noise, machines, and other soft toys. So experiment and see which is best for your baby and their needs. Also a bonus, if they sleep more, you tend to sleep more as well which you will need.

Clearly, there are a myriad of other concerns that fathers need to be cognizant of when raising their child. Yet, it all starts with the basics, so hopefully this crib sheet (pun intended) provides some otherwise unknown tips and alternatives to help you navigate the most rewarding and challenging job you may ever have!


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