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What Every Man Should Know About Champagne

Gents, there’s more to Champagne than just popping bottles. New Year’s Eve is creeping up on us; this means your going to be springing for a bottle or two. Before you empty out your wallet for a quality bottle of champagne here’s what you need to know about Ch...

Mobile Apps Every Latino Man Needs to Have

Getting lost in an online app store is both fun and overwhelming. You can grab games, music, photo filters and, of course, those swipe-friendly “friend” connectors all for an easy price of 99 cents. But are you using your mobile touchscreens to better connect ...

Your Secret Weapon for a Close Shave – Shaving Oil!

Movember is nearing its close. So for those looking to lose that mo grow' meet your new secret weapon to a smoother shave: shaving oil. If you’re prone to razor burn - which for Latino men with thick stubborn hair, that means most of you - shaving oils help mo...

What’s Your Drinking Personality?

Bartenders (who are basically modern-day psychologists) can tell a lot about a person by what they order. We wondered what this meant for Latino bebidas and the men who drank them. ‘LLERO did some digging to find out what your Latino inspired drink might say a...

32 Never Looked So Good

The Jordan Brand recently unveiled in Italy the latest version of Michael Jordan’s iconic sneaker, the Air Jordan XXXII. Here’s your first look at the inspiration behind the shoe, the hardware and when you can get them. Inspiration Aesthetically, Air J...

How to Rock the Guayabera

Summer is about to make its grand entrance. With rising temperatures comes the need to show off a brand new wardrobe that will keep you looking and feeling cool. The first must have? The traditional guayabera, a lightweight woven shirt that has two delicate ...
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