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Face It Like A Man…A Guide to Summer Skin Care

C’mon, admit it, despite that nonchalant attitude about so-called skincare stuff, you really do care about grooming, looking and smelling good. A report issued by Univision revealed that 34% of you actually shower twice a day (more than twice as much as non-La...

Sneaker Shopping with Ronaldo

Growing up soccer legend Ronaldo had only two pairs of shoes. One for the field another for school. Now he's got his own line of shoes - the Mecurial boot - and goes sneaker shopping with Complex in China to chat about some of his favorite styles, brands and d...

Modern-Day Latino Fatherhood

“Sweetie...what do you want for breakfast? Pancakes or a hardboiled egg?” “I want cereal!” “Pancakes it is...come down it’s ready...” That’s a typical exchange between my 6-year-old daughter and me on a Saturday morning. It exemplifies my role as a father...

4 Lessons You Can Learn from Han Solo

Solo: A Star Wars Story is now in theatres. While box office numbers have not met expectations, critics and fans feel differently. Han Solo is perhaps the quintessential movie renegade, after learning his origin story there are a few things you can learn from ...

How to Have A Drink with Your Papí on Fathers Day

Ties, coffee mugs, t-shirts—you’ve bought all this and more for your papa. It’s time to switch it up. If your dad enjoys a good trago (who doesn’t?) why not raise a glass of the good stuff in his name? There are a few prime spirits that every man seems to l...

A Guide to Recognizing Your Swim Trunks

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7IOSs_77eNU The sun is letting off more heat with each passing day, and soon, your salvation from the volatile rays will be waiting for you in neck-deep waters. You have to be prepared. Water parks, beaches, pools, and oth...

Rules of the Road Trip

The road trip—it is a long and honored tradition amongst men. First, they find an overall reason to gather, whether it is a bachelor party, milestone birthday or major holiday. Then they hit the road in celebration en seguida. With the upcoming holiday weekend...

How to Pick the Right Undershirt

Fashion is always evolving - what is prominent this year might lose its’ luster the next. One article of clothing that has never gone out of style is the men’s undershirt. This fashion staple was originally created to prevent your outer wear from drawing sweat...

Go On A ‘Permanent Vacation’ for World Whisky Day

World Whisky Day, is Saturday, May 19th. The day of celebration for this libation began in 2012 and has become hugely popular around the globe. In celebration of all types of whiskies, people to honor the day by drinking it anyway they wish – neat, on the rock...
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