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What Every Man Should Know About Champagne

Gents, there’s more to Champagne than just popping bottles. New Year’s Eve is creeping up on us; this means your going to be springing for a bottle or two. Before you empty out your wallet for a quality bottle of champagne here’s what you need to know about Ch...

2018 Last Minute Holiday Gift Guide

The final shopping days until Christmas are winding down and so is the chance to score a gift for that family member, close friend, or even frenemy. No fear ‘LLERO is here. We’ve curated some great stocking stuffers for our last minute gift guide. For the Fut...

7 Must See Cars at the 2018 LA Auto Show

If ever there were a driving community, its Los Angeles. Which is why the 2018 LA Auto Show - aka Automobility LA - is one of the most important shows for automakers. Currently running from November 30 to December 9 at the Los Angeles Convention Center, this s...

Best Gifts for Men for the Holidays in 2018

It’s that time of year again. Your either prepared to be on the receiving end of another set of t-shirts, underwear or that back massager you’ll never use. Maybe your clueless about what to get your friends or family? Well, we’ve curated the best gift ideas th...

Your Secret Weapon for a Close Shave – Shaving Oil!

Movember is nearing its close. So for those looking to lose that mo grow' meet your new secret weapon to a smoother shave: shaving oil. If you’re prone to razor burn - which for Latino men with thick stubborn hair, that means most of you - shaving oils help mo...

Face It Like A Man…A Guide to Summer Skin Care

C’mon, admit it, despite that nonchalant attitude about so-called skincare stuff, you really do care about grooming, looking and smelling good. A report issued by Univision revealed that 34% of you actually shower twice a day (more than twice as much as non-La...

Sneaker Shopping with Ronaldo

Growing up soccer legend Ronaldo had only two pairs of shoes. One for the field another for school. Now he's got his own line of shoes - the Mecurial boot - and goes sneaker shopping with Complex in China to chat about some of his favorite styles, brands and d...
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