Blue Beetle
Real Name -Jaime Reyes

Jaime Reyes is a Mexican-American teenager from El Paso, TX, and the third character to don the Blue Beetle identity. His powers derive from a blue scarab forged to bond with the planet’s mightiest warrior by an alien race known as the Reach. The scarab gives Reyes a super-powered, armored body suit which gives him the ability to fly, form his arms into weapons, comprehend alien languages, as well as giving him super-strength and durability. At first, the scarab seems like a gift from a benevolent alien race but, in actuality, it’s used to control the wearer and use the individual as a weapon to take over their world. Reyes is eventually able to break the Reach’s control and foil their plot. In several storylines, Blue Bettle is found fighting alongside the Teen Titans and the Justice League’s Young Justice team.

DC Comics - Blue Beetle

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