December 6, 2023

Real Name – Catalina Flores

Tarantula is what some would call an anti-hero—her intentions are good, but her plots are executed in a harsh and unheroic manner, which sometimes ends with her killing the bad guys. A former FBI agent, Catalina Flores, dons her spider-chic costume to fight crooked police officers in the town of Blüdhaven. Her extreme measures led to the death of Blüdhaven’s corrupt police chief, which puts her in the crosshairs of Batman’s former sidekick-gone-solo, Nightwing. The two faced off a few times, but eventually partnered up—even developing a twisted romantic relationship at one point. Tarantula assisted Batman in dealing with an ongoing gang war in Gotham City by taking leadership of one of the gangs, coincidentally known as Las Arañas, and keeping them from spreading violence throughout the city.

DC Comics - Tarantula

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