December 6, 2023

Real Name – Hernan Guerra

As a part of DC’s special Justice League: Gods and Monsters storyline, a new Superman was introduced…and he was Latino! Well, technically he was a Kryptonian, but what makes him an honorary Latino is the fact that instead of being raised by Kansas farmers, he was brought up in a family of Mexican immigrants. This Spanish-speaking version of Superman was later revealed to be the son of Zod and Lara (Kal-El’s mom in the regular storylines), and was similarly sent to Earth in order to escape his planet’s destruction. Growing up, Hernan — the name given to him by his adoptive parents — faced racism and inequality because of his Mexican background. Until one day, he fought back—hard—revealing his true origin. No longer feeling the need to hide his identity, he went on to live his life openly as Superman—a merciless Superman, who often killed villains, seemingly without any remorse.

DC Comics - Superman



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