December 6, 2023

Real Name – Miguel Devante

Miguel “Mikey” Devante was just a typical teenager hanging out at a burger joint in his town when he’s kidnapped by a villain known as the Floronic Man. Vulcan, a superhero with the power to make and control fire, shows up to save the day, and instructs Devante to help free the other hostages while he fights off the Floronic Man. Devante does as he’s told, but stays behind to ensure Vulcan’s safety as well. The Floronic Man overpowers Vulcan at one point during the fight and the brave teenager grabs Vulcan’s sword and chops his captor’s arm off. Proving that he is a worthy successor, Vulcan takes Devante under his wing and trains him—eventually passing on his Vulcan powers to him before passing away.

DC Comics - Vulcan

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