Kong: Skull Island

It’s not pure comic book fare, but Warner Bros. hit Hall H this year to show new footage from their  upcoming Kong: Skull Island. Have to say, it looks pretty impressive. Some of the reveals had an Independence Day vibe. It stars Brie Larson, Tom Hiddleston and Samuel Jackson so their is no shortage of acting chops on screen. The folks that made Godzilla are behind this Kong outing, this maybe a geek pipe dream but here’s hoping their making their way to Godzilla v. Kong flick!!!

In Closing

One noteworthy omission at this year’s proceedings was no new footage from the Star Wars universe. With Episode VIII and Rogue One filming wrapped, one would have thought a teaser or two would have made its way to San Diego. Yet other than introduction of a new alien, nothing earth shattering occurred. So the clear winner this year was DC. Yet, as they say in sports, the team may look good on paper, but they still have to go out and perform. If Suicide Squad, Wonder Woman and Justice League can do just that, DC may be back in the game.

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