DC Comics

OK, its no secret that Batman V. Superman, was a less than stellar start for the DC Entertainment Universe aka DCEU. Yet, if this year’s offerings from are any indication we are all in store for some really solid and entertaining films. DC brought to Hall H a sneak peak at Justice League, it certainly has a lighter tone and the initial footage seems like superhero meets Ocean’s 11. Add to that a kick-ass Aquaman, and Justice League seems promising. The custom made Suicide Squad trailer has us salivating for the actual film already people. Yet, perhaps the biggest surprise – the first look at the stand-alone Wonder Woman film. A rare instance where DC has beat Marvel to the punch. The retro tone, similar to that employed in Captain America: The First Avenger, coupled with giving Diana Prince very Game of Thrones look and feel (with battle moves included) and the perfect Gal Gadot. Well, we think they might have overcome any initial audience hesitation.

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