After a 10-month absence the Starz Network’s highest rated show Power made its Season 5 premiere. The episode was entitled “Everyone Is Implicated”, but it should have been called “Dre Day” (more on that later). Here’s our recap.

Dynamic Duo

The episode opens in real time from last season. We find Angela on the roof of Ray Ray’s building buggin’ out as she remembers how she helped Tasha locate Tariq’s phone. She thinks the phone she located was Ghost’s, and that he killed Ray Ray. She pulls it together for the officers at the scene to stay off the radar, at least she thinks so, but a newcomer in the form internal affairs agent Blanca Rodriguez makes her and lets just say she’s intrigued.

Meanwhile, downtown Saxe and Robinson are back too. They question Maria Suarez, whose story about hearing James St. Patrick’s at her fiancée’s murder hasn’t changed. Mak’s doesn’t think the sound of a voice is enough to make a case. Saxe feels otherwise and suggests they keep Suarez far away from Angela. Robinson doesn’t agree at first, but when she can’t get a hold of Valdez late on the night of Ray Ray’s death and when Angela does a poor job of explaining it away, Robinson changes her mind.

Back uptown, Angela goes straight to see Tasha and call her out on being duped. But in the episode’s first WTF moment Tasha comes clean. She confesses that Tariq was the shooter, not Ghost. Angela drops the news about the bullet in the wall. Yeah, ‘ish just got deeper because it can be traced back to Tasha. Tasha then pleads to Angela to make it go away. The leverage? She has already lost one child, she can’t lose another.

Family Matters

After setting up everything for Raina’s funeral, Ghost and his family return home and it’s not pretty. To quote Ghost “Go ahead, tell your mother about your punk-ass life of crime,” before he pushes Tariq up against a wall and calls out Tasha for not being there as a mother. But Tasha gives as good as she gets and calls Ghost out for allowing Kanan back into their lives. So why are he and Ghost BFF’s again?

Dre Day

It was Dre Day, in more ways than one. First, when the hitmen he sent to take down Kanan don’t return, Dre knows what’s up. Ghost, Tommy and Kanan are coming for him. So he collabs with Cristobal to set a trap for the newly minted trinity. They fall for it. To the point where Ghost and Tommy are cornered like Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, but before Dre can take them out in comes Kanan to the rescue to get them out of the pinch.

Reina’s funeral service is packed but Tommy and Ghost are still working, getting text updates on the hit they ordered on Dre. Then Tariq, as usual efff’s everything up. He feigns as if he’s distraught about Reina, but it’s a ruse. He overheard Tommy telling his dad that the hit was underway and texted Dre and warned him to run. WHHAAAAT!

With the heads up Dre loses Kanan’s men, but runs straight into Tommy’s. No worries, because Dre manages to take them out. This cat has skills!

We cue to Reina’s gravesite, which Ghost is standing over, when Dre shows up, with a warning. “I advise you to stay in your lane, and I’ll stay in mine,” giving Ghost a la araña card. Tommy and Kanan also get the Hallmark treatment. Dre has called in the big guns in the form his connect to keep him safe.

Looks like Dre will be sticking around for a couple of more episodes!

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