With May-Pac only days behind us, fans maybe feeling a bit of a boxing hangover. Much like a night of partying, we may have over consumed in pre-fight hype because of the promise of a legendary night. As a result the morning after can be tough to swallow for many. Despite, what may have been a less than frenetic pace for MayPac, rest assured the upcoming bout between Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez and James Kirkland will likely deliver what you were seeking on May 2nd. While they are two very different men with two very different stories both Canelo and Kirkland have the same goal and intend to achieve it the same way. So here are four reasons to tune into Canelo vs. Kirkland.

1. A Texas Shootout

This is a bout in which you will probably see all the action you craved in MayPac. Neither man is a defense first fighter and neither can resist the urge to brawl when summoned by an opponent to do so. In fact, both have gone on record to say that the best fights; fights that fans want to see are the ones where the combatants stand toe-to-toe. Both have the track record to prove it. The result – you’re likely going to see a lot of leather traded in Texas at Minute Maid Park on fight night.

Canelo vs Kirkland press conference

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