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With the re-opening of gyms and the start-up of exercise classes following lockdown, now is a great time to start thinking about new fitness goals.  There are a plethora of options out there. But when it comes to building a fitness regime, there are some fundamental pointers that can help you succeed in your endeavours. Whether you’re practicing yoga regularly or tearing up the sports-track on a daily basis.

1.Planning is Key

Before you begin your fitness regime, really get to grips with what exactly you are trying to achieve. Why, and how you will measure your success?  Is your goal weight loss? Is it to tone muscle? Perhaps you want to increase agility or stamina?  From there you can assess which type of training or exercise program will be right for you. It is this strong sense of purpose and intention is going to help you succeed.

2. Pace Yourself Realistically

Once your have made a realistically achievable plan, decide on your pace.  Setting an achievable pace can be the difference between success and failure. Driving an unsustainable pace can result in disappointment and a dent to your motivation.  Don’t worry about comparing yourself to others. Start off at a pace you are comfortable with in the knowledge that you can increase this over time as your fitness levels grow.

3. Think About Your Diet

Your diet is going to be key to achieving your fitness goal. You may want to create a meal planner to help you stick to healthy, nutritious choices.  As well as considering the amount of saturated fats, sugar and salt in your diet. It could be a good idea to also think about what sorts of food will support your exercise and fitness regime. For example, incorporating more protein into your diet can help to build muscle. Wholegrain bread and brown rice are an excellent source of healthy carbohydrates, key to keeping your energy levels up.

4. Stay Hydrated

Keeping yourself well hydrated is key to good health. Especially so if you are working towards a fitness goal and, as such, are losing vital fluids, salts and minerals through exercising.  The average adult should aim to drink about two liters of water a day. Extra hydration is required when exercising, so be sure to keep an eye on your water consumption. Also, keep a bottle of water to hand while working out.

5. Be Your Own Cheerleader

Celebrate your wins. As part of the initial planning stage, you could break down your goal into manageable milestones that can be recognized as each one is reached.  Perhaps an overall weight loss goal could be broken down into weekly targets. Or a plan to tone and sculpt the arms could be managed in increments of time spent on a certain set of repetitions.  Reinforce to yourself how well you have done – be proud!

6. Allow For Setbacks

Let’s be honest: everyone sometimes has a little slip up.  Perhaps you ate something you’re regretting or you were just too tired to go to your cross-fit class.  That’s ok.  The important thing to recognize is that it’s only a minor setback. As long as you treat it as such and don’t beat yourself up, or become de-motivated as a result.  Just put it behind you and crack on with working towards your goals. 

7. Find Your Tribe

In terms of providing motivation for your fitness goals, undertaking exercise that can be done in a class, or a group setting, can be invaluable, whether that’s weekly aerobics session in the community hall or morning taekwondo in the park.  Enjoy the mutual support and conviviality of group exercise while working towards your goals, and celebrate each other’s achievements!

Relish the Journey

You’ve already taken the important first step of deciding to work towards your fitness goals and, as you go through the planning stage and then into the implementation of your new regime, it’s important to enjoy each stage of your journey and recognize your achievements.  Have fun and be proud as you accomplish each milestone on your journey, knowing that your goal is moving closer everyday.

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About The Author

Lauren Groff is a blogger and journalist at Academized. She is passionate about therapeutic practices that can be implemented in daily life, enabling people to live with greater creativity, happiness and satisfaction. Also, she is also a proofreader.

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