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Quisqueya pride was on full display this Sunday along 6th Avenue in New York City. The 40th Annual Dominican Day Parade returned in full to New York City and thousands upon thousands filled the streets along 6th Avenue in New York City to welcome the celebration’s full return after two year hiatus.

Young, and old alike. Native New Yorkers, out of stater’s and Dominicanos straight from Quisqueya descended upon the Big Apple to be part of the celebration. Parade goers commented that the energy was infectious and the vibe unmatched. Likely, pent-up energy waiting for a release given that the parade went virtual in 2020 and scaled down in 2021. Attendees were happy to see the full return of the parade on Sunday.

If you weren’t able to be there, see the colorful sights and sounds of culture, food, music and accomplishment here!

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