It’s no secret that for most men there are two things that are a big part of their lives – women and sports. Unfortunately, it’s also no secret that most men aren’t exactly naturals at either. You see, most men can spit out countless stats, recall endless SportsCenter highlights but ask them the last time they successfully stepped to the hottie at Starbucks or in the student union and you’re less likely to hear the guy shout out a Stuart Scott “Boo-yaaa!”

But what if you could use your sports know-how to solve the puzzle better known as women? In this edition we’re stepping on to the hard-court to show you just how similar the game of basketball can be to meeting women. If you study this playbook (terms and moves included) you might snag that one special franchise player that rarely comes along or at the very least avoid another bad year where you have to pick the last of the lot in the draft. Or worse yet, wait until next year.

High Post – Women are attracted to confidence, so even if you’re a benchwarmer with a 10-day contract, make sure to present yourself as a max-deal superstar. But while playing the high-post, keep a watchful eye out for free agent females looking to grab a Corona or two as a signing bonus before bouncing to another team.

The Box Out – The beauty of having your own booth or table is that no opponent can establish position in your lane. Sure, not everyone can afford such luxuries under the salary cap, but the principle remains the same: find some prime real estate so rivals and her hater friends can’t easily go in for the steal.

Inside of club lounge- A

Swing Man – If you can work the two-man game like Stockton and Malone, scoring is a cinch. And remember, stratagems such as the Give-and-Go, Trap and Double-Team work even better with a Swing Woman–of course, those are franchise players and are accordingly difficult to draft.

Watch the Shot Clock – A stagnant offense doesn’t score – if you make eye contact or catch a sudden smile, don’t coyly exchange glances like pre-teens on opposite ends of the middle-school dance. Too much indecision and a more aggressive player will soon be driving the ball to the hole.

basketball hoop and shot clock- A

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